A volunteer’s story: The joy of unity and contributing to ‘something greater’

Back in November 2014 when I became a part of WAWCAS’ voluntary communications team, I honestly didn’t know much about the program. In the beginning what interested me the most in becoming a volunteer, was that I would have a chance to develop my own professional skills. For me, it was important that I could be adding something to my CV. And even though I definitely have developed, and hopefully will continue to develop my own skills, this is no longer my biggest motivation for being a volunteer. Rather, it is the ability to contribute to the fantastic cause that WAWCAS stands for.

By Stine Horsbøl, volunteer in WAWCAS’ communications team

In the year and a half that has passed since I became a part of WAWCAS’ voluntary communications team, I’ve taken part in numerous development meetings, I’ve written and translated texts for these ‘Newsletters’, and most recently I’ve attended my second WAWCAS Workshop, which was held during Sangeeta and Sirish’s visit to Denmark, where members of The Board, volunteers, sponsors and partners were gathered. What’s common about all these examples is that every time I’ve been involved in something WAWCAS related, I’ve learned something new about the program, and I always find myself being amazed by the big and constant developments in the program. And this year’s workshop was no exception in this regard.

The Workshop was first and foremost a chance to get an update on the state of WAWCAS’ different business areas. Among several other good presentations, Nina, Sangeeta & Sirish gave a presentation on the overall status of the program; Søren presented a very positive record from the funding group; Sirish gave a presentation on some of the many functions in the new WAWCAS Data System, which will definitely make a big improvement on the quality of those data that’ll be available for analysis in the future; Lis showed us some of the products that are being developed as part of WAWCAS Craft; and Peter and Tom, from the branding bureau Vulkan, presented the new brand identity that they have developed for WAWCAS, which will come to function as the backbone in all our future communication.

Besides all the presentations, the Workshop was also a great opportunity to talk to one another across the different business areas, each of which binds us to WAWCAS.

It’s especially Workshops like these, which makes it so great to be a volunteer in WAWCAS. It’s so great to witness the continuous development of the program. To experience the enormous commitment and engagement from all those involved. The feeling of unity that exists in WAWCAS. To be able to contribute to ‘something greater’. And last, but most importantly, to see the improvement in life quality that the program helps the women to achieve for themselves, their children and their local communities – and to know that that is what one is supporting through being a volunteer.

A WAWCAS-woman with her business.
A WAWCAS-woman with her business.

That’s why I’ve been a volunteer in WAWCAS for nearly two years now, and I hope that I’ll be able to continue being a volunteer for a very long time.


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