Long-term Financial Funding


New four-year agreements provide ease and focus to the work in the WAWCAS Program.

By Søren Schriver, member of the board, responsible for funding

WAWCAS is enriched with loyal and strong sponsors. The efficient work in Nepal makes it very motivating for companies and foundations to support WAWCAS. They know that their support is used optimally and that they are helping to create jobs, good lives, and education for the children.

Right now in the management group, we are working on a long-term plan, both to maintain positive growth and efficiency of the program and to develop new elements for further improvements. The plan covers 4 years  2017 – 2020.

In the funding group, we are now in dialogue with both new and existing sponsors about the possibility of agreeing on a 4-year funding period. It would provide stability and focus to have the funding in place for such a long period. We have already received three agreements set in place for 4-year support periods.

Our loyal supporter Claus Hommelhof from Formuepleje is the first long term agreement we can announce. THANKS, Claus.

Torben Rasmussen, Morten Winter and Peer Jacobsen in the funding group are looking forward to helping make agreements with several new sponsors during the Fall.

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