WAWCAS Newsletter – October 2016

Enjoy reading this newsletter from WAWCAS.

Many greetings on behalf of WAWCAS International
Nina Schriver
International Program Director

Long-term Financial Funding

New four-year agreements provide ease and focus to the work in the WAWCAS Program. WAWCAS is enriched with loyal and strong sponsors. The efficient work in Nepal makes it very motivating for companies and foundations to support WAWCAS.
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Monsoon disasters

Floods and landslides devastate Nepal and make life even harder for the Nepali people already affected by last year’s earthquakes. Despite the tough conditions WAWCAS’ women continue to work together to run their businesses and manage their everyday life.
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WAWCAS Data system

After nearly two years of hard work which involved both teams in Denmark and Nepal, WAWCAS’ new Data System is now in place and up and running. It has not been an easy task, but team effort and persistence has send the system off to a solid start.
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The WAWCAS women’s stories

In a series of Women’s stories we follow Sita Giri and other women over a period of 16 months. We learn about their lives before entering the WAWCAS Program and how being part of the program has affected not only their lives but also the lives of their children, husbands and other family members.
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Annual Report 2015

The figures in the recently approved Annual Report of 2015 show a positive trend with markedly increased support from donors in the past year. At the board meeting on August 25th, the board signed the auditor approved Annual Report for WAWCAS International for 2015.
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A volunteer’s story: The joy of unity and contributing to ‘something greater’

Back in November 2014 when I became a part of WAWCAS’ voluntary communications team, I honestly didn’t know much about the program. In the beginning what interested me the most in becoming a volunteer, was that I would have a chance to develop my own professional skills.
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Visit from Nepal

Sangeeta, Program Director, and Sirish, Program Manager at WAWCAS Nepal, have once again visited Denmark. It is very fruitful for the entire WAWCAS program, and for all parties involved, that we get the opportunity to meet and discuss how to address the next couple of years, in Nepal as well as in Denmark.
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