Ram Kumari Ghimire

Part 12: My Inspiring Tool PSRP

When I look back, I have learned many things through IBT (Issue Based Training) and business. My life has changed drastically, and it has not been easy for me. I have improved myself, but still there are areas to change and improve. At every IBT–meeting, Samjhana has taught us about different topics. Every topic has …

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Part 11: What a Dashain

I have been very busy preparing the Dashain. Every home is cleansed and beautifully decorated and painted like an invitation to the mother goddess.   I was in a festive mood and enjoying every moment. This year, Dashain was so much more joyful than any other Dashain, I have celebrated. This year I was blessed with …

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Part 8: I realized my weaknesses

After seven days of training in our WAWCAS-group, we got so many opportunities to learn practical skills. I have never got a chance to learn important things before. My thoughts and my behavior have been changed through the SWOT-analysis. Before conducting the SWOT-analysis, Samjhana told us a story about an eagle. A farmer, who always …

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