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WAWCAS stands for Women At Work, Children At School. We educate and strengthen women living in poverty to become successful business entrepreneurs. When these women begin the program, they have next to nothing. When they graduate, they are competent business owners and part of a network of likeminded professionals.
Being financially independent, the women ensure their children’s education, giving them the chance of a better future. And as the successful entrepreneurs and their families thrive and prosper, so does the entire local community.

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Every year 900 new women become a part of the WAWCAS Program. The cost of educating one woman is 2,600 DKK. Your support makes it possible for WAWCAS to help these women change their lives.

Our results

Wawcas women become role models


are still in busines after 5 years


of the loans are repaid

Significant reduction

in husband alcohol consumption and domestic violence

Wawcas grows with 900 new women per year

Local communities flourish

Women and Children in WAWCAS Community


Women in WAWACAS

June 2023


Children secured education

June 2023