WAWCAS Newsletter – May 2016

Welcome to this year’s first Newsletter

I just recently returned from Nepal – a trip which again featured visits to many new women and many of the old in order to follow up on how it is going with them both in Kopan and in Lamjung. It was a very good March 8th, International Women’s Day, on which WAWCAS contributed Nepal’s EU delegation conference with an exhibition about the program.
Test of WAWCAS Data System. Meetings with potential sponsors and the annual WAWCAS workshop for 48 women from the different groups. Very touching and instructive 3 days.
More about the trip on the following pages.

Klaus Dam, owner of Brille Galleriet and sponsor of WAWCAS, is a member of the clusters Rethink Sustainable Society (RSS), which has been established under the Aarhus European Capital of Culture 2017. He writes about why he sees WAWCAS as a relevant part of the RSS group activities. WAWCAS, among other things, is making a photo exhibition and some workshops that are in process. More on that later when the program is planned.

Sangeeta and I tell about the workshop with the women spiced with some of the women’s stories.

We have a new Finance Officer in WAWCAS Nepal, Krishna. He gives a small introduction to himself.

A new short film about the WAWCAS Program has been launched. The film is made by Empthyhead, Anders Dall Berthelsen.
Please take a look at https://youtu.be/le22LpfhyxI.

Krishna – the new finance officer in WAWCAS, Nepal introduces himself.

There are good results in funding the program, which directly benefits the women in Nepal, as it means we can include more women in the program and develop the training. Soren Schriver provides a brief status on funding activities and on his very experience of how positively the sponsors accept WAWCAS. It is important for the way the WAWCAS program is able to run.

And finally, Torben Bjerre-Madsen gives a status from the finance group and account for income and expenses in 2015.

Happy reading.
Many greetings on behalf of WAWCAS International
Nina Schriver
International Program Director

WAWCAS and Rethink Sustainable Society

By Klaus Dam, Brille Galleriet
WAWCAS will be part of the European Capital of Culture 2017 in Aarhus. In connection with Aarhus’ appointment as European Capital of Culture in 2017, a number of different business clusters have been established.
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New Finance Officer in WAWCAS

We are happy to welcome WAWCAS’ new Financial officer, Krishna Maharjan. Here he is talking about his background and first impressions of WAWCAS. My name is Krishna Maharjan, and I am the new Finance Officer of the WAWCAS Programme at Slisha Nepal.
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Visit to Nepal

By Nina Schriver, International Program Director
Nina has been on a longer visit to Nepal. Read more about status on WAWCAS data system, International Women’s Day event and a range of other projects and initiatives. I have just returned home having once again visited Nepal.
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WAWCAS workshop for 48 women

By Sangeeta Shrestha og Nina Schriver
48 WAWCAS women met in Dhulikel for 3 days of training, learning and reflexions. Women in need are leaving their villages for the first time in their life, going 7 hours to Dhulikel where they stay at a beautiful resort. Do they dare to do that?
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Funding – how difficult is it really?

By Søren Schriver, Member of the Board in WAWCAS International, Head of FundingObviously, it may be found quite provocative to make a statement like that, when you are the person responsible for raising more than 1.5 million kr. a year for WAWCAS, but I have just visited Nepal.
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Increasing Revenues for 2015

By Torben Bjerre-Madsen, Chairman of WAWCAS International and Finance Officer At the last board meeting, we discussed the board financial figures for 2015, and it was a very positive experience. When we view the WAWCAS program as a whole, we had a total revenue in 2015 of 2,274,000 dkr.
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