Part 1: A New Beginning

The day I met Mamata on my way to the local market, I was just a nobody. I had totally forgotten the 16-year old version of my self, all her dreams and positive view on life.  Mamata’s tellings about WAWCAS woke me up from my stagnant situation and gave me the courage to become the educated woman I once dreamed about.

A new beginning

My name is Sita Giri a 31 year on woman, living In Dhoke, a village in the western region of Nepal with my two children and in-laws. I am a nobody. Starting my days begging for a meal to my family. I feel trapped like a rat in a cage.

Since my childhood I have always dreamed about being an educated woman with all the opportunities life brings. A strong independent woman, wife and mother able to provide and feed her family and give her children opportunities in life.

Everyday on my way to school I dreamed about being one of the higher educated women in Katmandu, my teacher at school told such inspiring stories about. I studied hard. My plan to become one of those women meant finalizing my exam within primary school with high grades, which hopefully would give me the possibility to gain admission to the university.

My parents saw a brighter future for me being married. They have decided that I was mature enough to get married. The tears started rolling down my cheeks of disheartened. I did not even know the man I was going to merry the year I turned 16.

The year I turned 16 my final exams was in April and the wedding was in January. My parents promised me the wedding would not be a barrier to my dreams of finalizing my exams within school. But then something changed…. My In-laws did not share my future goals of pursuing a higher education.

A woman’s task in life is to provide her family with safety and love. I was 16 years old with no education. I felt set back compared to others of my age. As time went by, I did not even dare to speak up anymore. Afraid of my own worth. My confidence got hidden under the layers of dust burying my schoolbooks and dreams. For the first time in life I felt like a nobody.

My husband, the man I was married to, works in the military of Nepal. He is a strong, courteous man, wealthy enough to provide a family. I respect him and care for him. But he does not fulfill my dreams of a husband. He is never at home to help me look after our family. I am responsible for everything. I feel alone, stressed and nearly worn out. My attitude to life changed from light to gray. The only light is my beloved children that embraces life as I once did myself.

The day I met Mamate – the trainer in WAWCAS – I was a sad women, trapped in a cage of poverty with no hope for the future.

Follow me, Sita, in the coming 15 months to get the whole story of how I, the sad woman with no hope in life turns into a woman of positive sight of life with support from Mamata and the WAWCAS Program