WAWCAS Newsletter – January 2016

By Chairman of the Board, Torben Bjerre-Madsen

Dear friends of WAWCAS,
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Here it is; the last newsletter for 2015 from WAWCAS International. As a consequence of the severe earthquakes and the past months’ blockade of the Indian border, 2015 has indeed been a tough year for the WAWCAS program and, not least, for all the women in the program, our employees and their families in Nepal. Nonetheless, as you have probably noticed from the last couple of newsletters, and as you will hopefully see from the present newsletter as well, there is also much to be thankful for and pleased about.

Nina visited Nepal back in November and brought Lis Beck along with her. In this newsletter, you can read about the impressions they got from the visit and inspiration for new business opportunities that Lis’ participation has resulted in.

Sangeeta reports on the experience and the agreements reached at the last meeting held in Nepal where all staff was united, and Sirish tells us about the visit Mario Fontana, who has been one of our main foreign donors for several years, paid to Nepal.

In addition, we have welcomed three new employees into our Nepalese team – A finance officer and two new LPL’s who will introduce themselves in this newsletter too.

Moreover, this newsletter also presents a status regarding new donors, who are fundamental to the existence of the WAWCAS program, while Peter Laursen form Vulkan tells us about his reasoning behind his company signing up as, yet another of many, who helps to make things happen and grow within WAWCAS.

A turbulent year for Nepal

By Nina Schriver, International Program Director
Earthquakes, political disorder and scarcity of resources – it is indeed in times like these that it is important to stick to a program like WAWCAS – A program that strengthens locally and can take action, even if there is great deal of upheaval in the country.
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Sponsor visits WAWCAS in Kathmandu

By Sirish Shrestha, Program Manager, Nepal
Mr. Fontana is introduced to the WAWCAS team and program over a 2-day visit. He arrived at Kathmandu on November 15th, 2015.
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Review Meeting: 1-3 December 2015 with WAWCAS Staff

By Sangeeta Shrestha, Program Director in Nepal
Despite all problems in Nepal with blockade of the Indian border and no food, gas, medicine and earthquakes still going on, the whole WAWCAS team gathered from 1st – 3rd of December 2015.
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Experience from the fashion industry makes a difference in WAWCAS women handicraft

By Lis Beck, co-founder/partner of Becksondergaard and co-developer of WAWCAS handicraft.
With my 13 years of experience as self-employed in the fashion industry, I have a strong desire to use my knowledge of production techniques and design to contribute to the development of poor women and their children.
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Strategic support for WAWCAS’ program development

By Peter Laursen, partner at Vulkan
Vulkan, a design bureau from Aarhus supports WAWCAS with their strategic competencies. It is both inspiring and very educational to be involved in an organisation such as WAWCAS International.
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News from WAWCAS’ new Program Leaders and new financial officer

Mamata, Rajina and Nimu provide personal insight into their first experience with WAWCAS, and how it has significantly changed their lives in Nepal. Mamata new LPL: “Into the WAWCAS” I was curious on how the work in WAWCAS was going to be?
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Big activity in the funding group 

By board member Søren Schriver
2015 has been a lively and fruitful year for the funding group in WAWCAS. Balconies in Nepal? No, but the leading balcony company in Denmark, Altan.dk, has gone into a 3-year agreement with WAWCAS in supporting 100 new women to start their own businesses and also contribute with model farms for goats and pigs.
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