Status of loan repayments after the earthquakes

Since the first big earthquake hit Nepal on the 26th of April this year, many have followed and earthquakes still occur daily in Nepal.To stand on a shaking ground and lose family members, houses and businesses is a very tough and challenging situation – now lasting for 6 months. This situation has, of course, also influenced the lives of the women in the WAWCAS Program.

In Kathmandu, most of the women left for their villages soon after the first earthquake. It was a very stressful situation. The trainers in WAWCAS do a big job by continually following up on the women’s groups and on the individual women every week to give the best support possible and to help them restart their businesses. With regular motivation and coaching given by the whole WAWCAS team (from LPLs/TLs/PM/PD) the women have been able to restart their businesses and repay their loans as planned. It is quite a good experience to see that some women who are still in their village are sending their installments via bank transfer. It is the result of a good foundation and long-term training which makes them more responsible towards each other and the WAWCAS Program.

The repayment percentage of the loans the women have taken from WAWCAS is approximately 98 % after the earthquake — a default of 2 % – Before the earthquake it was 99.2 % – a default of 0.8 %.

repayment of loan-2

The default of repayments has only increased with 1.2%, which is quite surprising and we are very happy for that.

All due to regular, strong follow-ups by competent trainers and to very committed and responsible women in the program. We really trust that the women will succeed in re-vitalizing their businesses again.

Sangeeta Shretshta, Program Director