Psychotherapy for our WAWCAS women

Psychological support was recommended by most of the women group representatives during the sharing and learning workshop in June, 2015. Based on their recommendations, I have reached out to various friends to get volunteer support, and luckily we received completely free-of-cost support from Ms. Ulrike and Ms. Luna.

Ms. Ulrike Seifried, a Psychotherapist from Munich, Germany, arrived to Kathmandu on the 27th of September, 2015. I had a meeting with her and the Nepali PhD student Ms. Luna KC from Wageningen University, Netherlands on the 28th of September, 2015, where I briefed them about our program and women. Ms. Ulrike was very excited because she has never experienced psychotherapy with Asian women.

On the 29th and 30th of September, 2015, Ms. Ulrike Seifried delivered Psyco trauma therapy, according to the system EDxTM (Energetic Diagnostic and Treatment Method, Fred Gallo) to 24 women who were impacted by the recent terrible earthquakes in Nepal. The trauma therapy was given in two shifts with 14 women in each group. The program was coordinated with the help of Ms. Luna K.C., PhD.

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During the session the women shared their sorrow – tense not only due to earthquakes but also violence from their husbands and other relatives. Women cried while sharing. Trauma Therapy worked very well with the women. Their level of feeling their existing trauma was scaled from 0-10. In the beginning, most of the women marked their trauma level between 7-10 and, after the trauma therapy, the majority of the women ranked their current situation from 0-1. This indicates that the women felt much better and got relief from their exiting traumas.

Ms. Ulrike Seifried, said: “Working with colorful women was a wonderful experience in my life. This was my first visit to Nepal, and healing women suffering from earthquake traumas was a big learning experience for me. I would like to thank Ms. Sangeeta for inviting me to help the women suffering from earthquake trauma”.

On behalf of Slisha, the WAWCAS Program, and WAWCAS International, I would like to express our sincere thanks to MS. Ulrike Seifried and Ms. Luna KC for their generous support to our women.

Sangeeta Shrestha, Program Director