News from Funding

Most of our WAWCAS businesses have been affected by the earthquakes. The main goal of our founding group has been to support our groups to survive, get shelter, and to cover them from the rain and wind. When the basic needs have been covered, the focus then turns to restarting the businesses.

It is clear to everyone that the many earthquakes have been very heavy for the many people involved.

Most of our WAWCAS businesses have been destroyed. Stores and houses fell apart due to shakes, roads to the markets are blocked, and the purchasing power is almost non-existent in the country.

Several companies have supported WAWCAS with money, which has made it possible for our families to get cover from the heavy monsoon rain. The families live under tarpaulins and get light from the solar lamps that WAWCAS distributed. The rain is very heavy and it is raining every day. Additionally, the sun sets early in this season and at night it becomes completely dark. Thanks to these few tools, the families can now continue their lives. The children can now do their homework – even after nightfall. It makes a huge difference for the children because they can continue some kind of normal life despite the horrible conditions. The people can still feel the shakes every single day.

We have experienced an increasing interest from individuals who want to support our work. They have been the final reason why we have now made it possible to support us with smaller amounts, fast and easy with the app “MobilePay.” MobilePay is an app that allows people to transfer money with a few clicks. The only information needed is a phone number. The app has become very popular in the Danish market and makes money transfers convenient. Even though we have not been available on the app for long, there have already been plenty of private donations.

We expect that this new channel will motivate even more people to support for the future.

The number is so far only available for the Danish market, the number is:

MOBILEPAY: 2830 5095