WAWCAS Workshop creates unity and visions for the future

In connection with Sangeeta’s and Sirishs’ visit to Denmark, WAWCAS International held its second workshop in the organization’s history – an event where the Board of Directors, volunteers and sponsors gathered to discuss and develop new visions for WAWCAS together.

When the Board of Directors, volunteers and sponsors gathered on September 7th for this year’s workshop, the major themes were to create new ideas for the continued development of WAWCAS and to discuss how to ensure that WAWCAS remain/become an interesting organization to be involved in as volunteers–both in the short and long term.

Under the expert facilitation of the small Danish company Medskab, we were all guided through a very educational and clear-cut process that, when completed, gave us four relevant and realistic ideas for how to further develop the WAWCAS program.

In addition to the workshop facilitation by Medskab, Sangeeta and Nina also gave a review on the ideas that had been developed in last year’s workshop. They can now quite proudly say that there are only few ideas that have not already been implemented. This confirms that the idea-creation in the workshop really does make sense and makes an important difference for the future of WAWCAS.

Yet, a workshop like this does not just help us generate new ideas for the future development of WAWCAS. The workshop is in fact also a great opportunity for us to gather a large part of those who are in some way involved in WAWCAS — and create a feeling of unity across groups which are not usually associated.

IMG_2330 IMG_2326

It was truly great to experience the enormous commitment from all of the workshop participants, and it testifies that although there are many different ways to be involved in WAWCAS –-whether you work from Denmark or Nepal, it makes no difference –- we all share a desire to strengthen the WAWCAS Program together.

Nina Schriver, International Program Director