Sarika and Sirish about their trip to Denmark

Sarika Rawal, Teamleader – my experience in Denmark 

am Sarika Rawal, team leader in Kathmandu.  Thanks to my team who supported me preparing for the workshops in Denmark. I had a lot of thoughts, when I heard that I was going to visit Denmark together with two of the WAWCAS women from KapanHowever, due to visa problems, they could not come with me. It was very sad that our women did not receive the visa. However, we moved on as we always doVisit to Denmark, wow!! That was also my first time out of Nepal. That was an amazing moment of my life. Everything was a new experience for me – the immigration and the plane. How the five hours in Doha airport went, cannot remember – I was looking everywhere. 

After landing in Copenhagen Airport, and while waiting for the bus to Aarhus, it was quite cold. The wind was very cold, but everywhere I looked, it was so neat and cleaned – how could it possibly be so clean? We arrived at Nina’s beautiful house.
This visit was very good opportunity for me, because was trainers are the ones who deal with the women in their daytoday life, and I had a lot to share. I also came to know how Nina and the other volunteers in Denmark work. While sharing my stories, I could sense how people were touched by listening to our stories and experiences.   

I also got a chance to take a canal tour. What a tour – one of the most memorable events of my life, and another was going to Copenhagen with a ferry, which was very new experience to me.

I heard about Denmark, that it is the most beautiful, happiest and no corruption country. In my opinion Denmark is the most beautiful country. I think Danish people are also helpful, cooperative and committed. Life is pretty good in Denmark – social cohesion, a strong community spirit and high living standards are some of the main characteristics. I have not seen any negative things regarding Denmark during my short visit. 


Sirish Shrestha, Program Manager 

I was super excited for this year’s visit. Previously it was only two of us going to Denmark, but this time we had planned that four of our WAWCAS women and two from our trainer team should go. Unfortunately, only one  from our team, Ms. Sarika Rawal, got the visa. Despite a second attempt, we could not get visa for the rest. However, we had to do what we were supposed to do. With lots of changes in the plans, three of us, Ms. Sangeeta Shrestha, Ms. Sarika Rawal and I departed to Denmark on October 2nd 2017.
As usual, right from the arrival we started the preparations for the meetings and the presentations. Three of the presentations were scheduled in Aarhus and one in Copenhagen. 
Here in Nepal, we are always completely occupied running WAWCAS and finding places where the program is most required. I must confess that I have seldom thought about how the Danish people valued the program.  

Observing their interest for the program during the presentation, and the response we got from them, blew me away. The appreciation that we got and the motivation we got to continue and expand the program was overwhelming. At that point, I really felt that I am contributing for a good cause making the lives of women better. That was the moment of satisfaction. 

I must say that this year’s visit was a little different. Previously it was Sangeeta Shrestha, Nina Schriver and I doing all the presentations and taking the lead. However, this time it was Sarika Rawal, my friend and collegue with whom I started working in WAWCAS. It has been more than five years working with her. The changes in her during this period could clearly be seen during the presentations. In all the presentations, she was the highlight, as she is the one among all of us who works most closely with the women. She knows all the details of more than 500 women – more than half of them she has trained herself.  

I also realized that she has developed her potential for new responsibilities. Despite her limitations in the English language, the confidence she showed during the presentations was quite amazing. It is said that if you feel from within, you can easily make the audience understand what you are saying, and that was what I observed during her presentations. The feelings with which she was presenting the program, each of the audience could feel too. 

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