Rooted Transformation that Brings Delight

After arriving in Denmark after a busy and inspiring month in Nepal filled with positive experiences, International Program Director Nina Schriver speaks about the strength she finds in the women who participate in WAWCAS.

Starting your own business. Saying no to violence. Sending your children to school. Gaining confidence in your own resources and ability to change your situation. Now that’s change on a deeply existential level. I’m always astounded and filled with positive energy when I meet the women who are helped by the WAWCAS Program. WAWCAS is part of their journey. We are a part of the change that occurs when these women succeed in finding the strength and courage to change their livelihood and the way they live their lives. More than 90 percent of the women in WAWCAS succeed in making these changes in a permanent way.

WAWCAS works with empowerment. The women must find strength within themselves to help themselves. That’s essential in the work that we do. We have a deep confidence in the fact that resources are inherent and can be found and nurtured if you acknowledge them. Fundamentally, the women in WAWCAS learn to look for even the smallest opportunities in order to choose a different path and leave their current situation.

The program facilitates change, but it’s not the program in itself that makes the permanent changes. Each and every woman who participates takes part in a long journey of change and keeps growing – even through hard times.

To see the little changes as a big change is a mission for the WAWCAS team and women. It is essential in order to succeed with empowerment.

Nina - beskåret
International Program Director Nina Schriver