Earthquake shakes WAWCAS

April’s earthquake in Nepal has upset us all. The center of the earthquake is close to Lamjung – an area where WAWCAS supports many women and their families.
Unfortunately, WAWCAS has not been able to get in touch with our employees from Lamjung
We are continuously trying to reach them and hope that it will soon be possible to get some news from the area.
The good news is, that Sangeeta and Sirish their immediate families and the staff in Kathmandu are all ok.
We are of course very shaken by the entire situation and our thoughts go out to the Nepalese WAWCAS team, our women and their families.
We will continuously keep an eye on the situation and keep trying to get in contact with the Lamjung team. Once we have an overview of how the earthquake has affected WAWCAS, we will inform further about it.