Nina and Søren visited Nepal

Nina Schriver visited Nepal on March 1-12, 2017

And Soeren Schriver joined part of the time

Back in beautiful Nepal and being with the WAWCAS team and the women again, we both enjoyed so much. Again, we had busy days, but days full of learning, joy, reflections and further developments of the programme.

We visited Lamjung where all the farms are. The cooperative pig farms are not as income generating as we expected. Keshaw, Sangeeta, Soeren and Nina visited a farmer in Pokhera, who runs a big pig farm.  We got many good inputs, which are now under implementation. In July, we make a survey to get an overview of the income in all pig farms. This will be the basis for potential revision of the model of the farms. We have hired a project leader within farming. It will be great to have him in the organisation, and it is yet a new step to improve the organization and specializing more.

WAWCAS farms are very much recognized by the local Line Agencies. It gives important pay offs to the women in form of pigs, goats, male pigs and roof for the farm. It is an important sign of influence of WAWCAS which spread further out than the single woman.

We visited many of the new women and supervised the new LPL´s in their training. It is fantastic to meet the new women and feel how eager they are to change their lives. It was also fantastic to meet some of the women that started just one year ago and see how much they have changed.
We went with Keshaw to get approval starting up in Tahanun district – which is next to Lamjung. It has been in process for about one year, and finally we managed.

Water project:
Unfortunately, we have had problems with the potential collaborator and technical company. For now, we park the project. We hope it will be possible during 2018 to look at it again.
Water is so much needed for the women and their families in Lamjung, but we need to have a strong collaborator who is ready to handle the technical part.

In Kathmandu, we got the chance to meet with the three new LPLs Rojmon, Rita and Anjali. It was so great to see them in their training, to listen to the ideas they have about being a LPL and being with the women.
It was great to have time to discuss with Sirish, Sangeeta and Soeren where WAWCAS is heading at in the years to come.
Fantastic days again, and very good to be there together. WAWCAS grows, the organization grows, and the number of women grows.

We are happy!

Nina and Soeren

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