News from WAWCAS’ new Program Leaders and new financial officer

Mamata, Rajina and Nimu provide personal insight into their first experiences with WAWCAS, and how the program has significantly changed the lives of the women in Nepal.

Mamata new LPL: “Into the WAWCAS”

I was curious on how the work in WAWCAS was going to be? What actually do WAWCAS do? How to adjust in Lamjung coming from Kathmandu? Not like I don’t want to go Lamjung, just more on how to start? I recently completed my three months volunteer service in another ngo. Fieldwork is fun, but working in WAWCAS is also tough. I do remember on 4th may, 2015, I got an mail saying “you’ve been selected as a Local Program Leader at Lamjung. Please come to the office for contract signing on Monday (11th May 2015) 11:00 am. At the time I was more than excited.

Then to WAWCAS Office, Kathmandu, Kapan. There were two of us, we were called inside and signed the contract with all the procedure. I was in Kathmandu for 3 months training to begin with. Training was the moment with all the good things. The Program Director, The Program Manager and the experienced LPLs (Local Program Leader) mentored me. I am part of WAWCAS (Women at Work Children at School) program as LPL. For me, those first three months of my training were the time where I gained my confidence and analyzed my hidden talents. Facilitation practice was the most tough. My legs used to shiver literally facilitating in front of the experienced staff. I was fortunate that I got opportunity to learn the skills. I truly value those days.

picture 1 Marmata træner sin første kvindegruppeThen to WAWCAS Office, Bhoteodhar, Lamjung (From 25th August, 2015-till). A second area, which absolutely energizes my energy level. With excitement, I spent many hours following the other LPLs and rushed to attend each and every meeting. I was starving to learn about the new things, new areas, and network. With no any wasting time, try to reach everywhere as possible. Even the leech and sloppy hills doesn’t stop my energy level. After one month my official own first group was formed. The feelings were like climbing the Mt.Everest. As spending times with the local women, I think those women are my role models. They do work 24hrs for the house, in the field, in their business and even a few does the labor work with all smiles. I am enjoying my work and loving each and every moment with women in field.

Till date it’s been six months, the three months initial training and the three months in field with the women and the experienced LPLs helped me to evaluate further what I want to do and where I want to stretch my opportunities.

While, there is still much work to do. I am proud to be part of WAWCAS and helping women and children as being a woman myself and crossed the stage of being a child.

Mamata Lama, LPL Lamjung


Rajina, new LPL: “My dream comes true”

It is all about my feelings, my pleasures, my learning’s, and my experiences. It is all about me then and now personally and professionally. From the cherishing moment then when I was called by WAWCAS, Congratulation! You are selected as a LPL for Lamjung. Wow! It was the ever prettiest and brightest day for me. It was like a dream comes true. Dream of working in the development sector. Eagerness and nervousness both were there. Eagerness to learn so many unknown things and nervousness how the work will be. I was lucky that I got the opportunity to have three months of initial training out of the 16 months training I have to go through, there in Kathmandu office, before I headed off to Lamjung. All the days of learning’s and sharing’s were amazing. I have learned how to stand, how to talk and how to act with confident. Got the ideas from the experienced LPLs about how to develop the facilitation skills, mostly how to identify and how to develop the qualities that is within each of the women and us. Those demo classes, presentations, home exercises not only sharpens our knowledge but also make us feel to be creative and giving us the chance for realization on fulfilling given responsibilities. And Yes, I got to see a change on myself from before to after in three months period. It was all because we got a chance to build our base there in Kathmandu and then I came to Lamjung after the completion of initial training.

I went almost all places where our program has reached with the other LPLs. I felt so happy to sit together with the women, sharing and talking with them. We never miss to learn from colleagues here.

I got my own first women group to start up, within the first month after arriving to Lamjung. I got to experience lots of challenges, no doubt of that, during the group formation. It was so difficult to convince the women to come for that part of their training, which is the WAWCAS 7 Days entrepreneurship training from morning to afternoon. It is so difficult for the women to be away from home so many hours. But it is a very important part of the training and of testing their readiness to change behavior and focusing on developing their own skills and businesses. I went for home visits, talked with the women and with their family in a convincing way. The women came and the 7 Days Training was completed successfully.

It was difficult to start but even more difficult to end the training. At the end of the 7 Days Training the women got realization on themselves and the importance of training and even as being a LPL I felt the same. This experience taught me so many things. I would like to thank all my team colleagues for their kind help and support on upbringing me. As I believe in learning and it’s never ending process. I do enjoy my work. And believe I have introduced myself so well – LPL.

Rajina Gurung, LPL, Lamjung

Nimu, new Finance Officer: “My feeling”

Billede 3 :3 a Nimu

It has been three months since I have become a member of WAWCAS as a Finance Officer. WAWCAS is a program which helps needy women to be independent and to start their own business for their living and I feel very proud that I am also a part of it. After having been working for 3 month as a finance officer I learned how the financial reports are made, and how legal works are done. The most important thing is that I realized that those topics which we study in school and college like Journal Entries, Balance Sheet etc. is actually implemented in real life. I used to think that these subjects are just for reading
and it is of no use. WAWCAS has a family- like environment everyone, is so supporting and so caring which makes me feel safe and secure and motivates me to work more efficiently as well as effectively.

The experience of being a part of WAWCAS has made me improved in both professional as well as in personal part of my life.