Big activity in the funding group

By board member Søren Schriver

2015 has been a lively and fruitful year for the funding group in WAWCAS.

Balconies in Nepal?

No, but the leading balcony company in Denmark,, has gone into a 3-years agreement with WAWCAS in supporting 100 new women to start their own businesses and also contribute with model farms for goats and pigs. The owner Peter Knudsen has vast experience with development projects, and the plan is that employees from will go to Nepal and help to construct model farms. This is a fantastic way of giving a financial contribution and also your own knowledge in collaboration with our team in Nepal. We at WAWCAS in Nepal and in Denmark are very much looking forward to this collaboration.

Vulkan, workshop and a new concept

The strategic design bureau Vulkan, supports WAWCAS with development of a new and exiting concept, which will help the funding group in creating closer partnerships with sponsors in the Aarhus area.

The talented consultants and creators of the company Mads, Peter, Tom and Mathias arranged a very exiting workshop in November, where a group of 14 WAWCAS volunteers worked to concretize the new concept. Among those who attended were business people from Aarhus, volunteers from the communication group, funding group and program development group, and also one business owner from Copenhagen who has started to collaborate with WAWCAS. I would like to say thank you to Vulkan and all of you, who were at the workshop.

The director of Sydbank, Torben Rasmussen, was also at the workshop (Sydbank is a WAWCAS sponsor), and he said that ‘it is a very interesting concept to include future sponsors more directly into the development of WAWCAS in a way where they contribute with both finances but also their knowledge.

In December we had a follow-up meeting with Vulkan, and now we are working on deciding, how the concept will be put together so that both new sponsors and also WAWCAS can get most out it.

New sponsor: The Frimurerlogerne in Aarhus

Klaus Dam from the company Brillegalleriet in Aarhus has been a longstanding sponsor of WAWCAS. Klaus has established contact to the Freemasons in Aarhus which have chosen WAWCAS as subject for donation in 2015.

At a very nice Christmas event the Freemasons awarded Nina with a great donation, which will support 13 new women in establishing new businesses in Lamjung next year. This means that around 70 extremely poor people can lift themselves out of poverty, and live a decent life with food on the table and have their children in school.

Tekst 9. Foto 4


The very enthusiastic support organisation from Aarhus has once again chosen to support WAWCAS with revenue from their sales at the traditional Christmas market in Møllestien. Many of the wonderful products are produced in developing countries such as Nepal. Maybe you were fortune to see one of their Christmas booths with hundreds of handmade products? The support from ONE STEP goes to building a model goat farm.

Billede 2 og 2 a WAWCAS model gedefarm:WAWCAS model goat farm