In spite of the earthquake, WAWCAS women still repay their loans.

The earthquake shook everyone in Nepal, but it did not stop the program or the women’s diligence. The repayments are continuing as usual.

Despite the many challenges due to the earthquake the last few months, WAWCAS is still going strong. This October, 200 new women have been signed up to the WAWCAS program. They have been allocated into eight different groups.

We are very happy to announce, that the repayment instalment of the loan for the women to start their own business is very close to normal. This is a very positive progress since the effects from the earthquake were expected to effect the program a lot more.

This truly indicates will and determination from the WAWCAS Women. The repayment instalment was 98% in the period from May – September, and the normal level is usually 99.2%. This is a very satisfying result and the level is very close to normal.

In the beginning of September this year, we had the pleasure to get a visit from our Program Manager: Sangeeta Shrestha and our Project Manager: Sirish Shrestha. They had several meetings with donors, sponsors and our volunteers. We also had some meetings in the board of directors. The visit makes us aware of how important it is that we all gather around the same table once a year, to share and learn from each other. This will continue to be a very important part of WAWCAS, and we will continuously prioritize this event.

Torben Bjerre-Madsen, Chairman of the board