Activities in WAWCAS from July to September

This September, there was a visit from Nepal, workshops, presentations about WAWCAS, and meetings with new as well as existing sponsors and volunteers. We have teamed up with sponsors, volunteers and potential collaborators.

In September, Sangeeta, Program Director and Sirish Shrestha, Program Manager visited Denmark again, and we had 10 days to work together with them and with those involved here in Denmark in the WAWCAS Program.

We have been gathering potential and existing supporters and volunteers, and the board of WAWCAS International for a creative evening to meet each other and to share what makes it worth supporting WAWCAS and how to develop WAWCAS further in the future.

We have teamed up with new sponsors and volunteers contributing economical support as well as their knowledge and time. All forms of support which are highly valued in WAWCAS.

These different kinds of assistance make it possible for WAWCAS to help the women develop their businesses in a more sustainable way, and to optimize and market their products.

This is not the only thing we have achieved this quarter. WAWCAS is happy to announce that we are now able to meet you on Facebook. You just have to search for “Wawcas International.” Connect with us to follow our project.

As most of you might know from the media: the situation is still very unstable in Nepal. The political situation is still very unstable and this has become a part of the Nepalese everyday life in addition to the continuing damages from the earthquake. Despite these challenges, all of our WAWCAS women keep on moving forward and work hard every day on rebuilding their businesses and repaying their loans as planned. We have also invited new women to join the program.

As well as getting new women to the program, we can announce that we now have three more employees at WAWCAS. The two of them will work as WAWCAS local program leaders (LPL), and are now doing their training program to be certified to train the women in a professional and competent way. Each of them are already responsible for a group of women within the program under supervision of our experienced LPLs. The third new employee is our new Finance Officer. She is taking over from Amit, who was given the possibility to get a job in a much bigger organisation than WAWCAS, Nepal. We thank Amit for his very important contribution to make WAWCAS solid and valid also from a finance point of view and wish him all the best in the future.

We welcome all three new employees in the WAWCAS team.

IMG_9350-2 IMG_9563

There have also been 7 pigsties and 7 goat stables built. The stables will work as the women´s businesses as well as a model for other women to seek inspiration.

Sydbank, who supports WAWCAS International, brings an article with Sangeeta Shrestha and Nina Schriver – When the dream is in Nepal in the latest Sydbank P.T.  

sydbank_artikle_1_wawcasinternational sydbank_artikle_2_wawcasinternational sydbank_artikle_3_wawcasinternational

Photo HC Jacobsen
Read the article (in danish) page 14-16.

Nina Schriver, the International Program Director, is leaving for Nepal at the end of October, and this time she brings company — Lis Beck — who has started working together with WAWCAS. Lis is a part of the duo that started the company Beck-Söndergaard. Now Lis is ready to spend her energy on WAWCAS. Together with WAWCAS, she is going to support the women in developing their fabric-designs. The goal is to optimize the trade of the products and make them more attractive to markets outside of Nepal.

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Nina Schriver, International Program Director