Part 8: What a lesson

For every every training, the content and the facilitation style is very different. In our last training, Binita asked us to close our eyes and remember the things that we liked the most during our childhoods.

 I recalled my childhood and remembered how we played with a doll made from old clothes. Also we made food from soil and sand and pretended we were eating together. Those days were so wonderful.  

Binita asked us to close our eyes again and recall the things that we didn’t like. I didn’t want to remember, however all of a sudden the flashbacks came like a horror movie. 

Due to our financial condition, we never got any toys to play with and I liked to play ball. We could not find any old clothes to make a ball, therefore we played ball with a stone. While we were playing our stone ball smashed into my older brother’s leg. After that my mother beat me. I just don’t want to think about that again. 

Binita tells us that as children no one likes it when someone beats us or scolds us and we like to be praised and encouraged. When we became parents we totally forgot how we felt during our childhood. Every parent wants to make their child happy, but wanting is not enough, it depends on how we behave with them. If we plant maize, we cannot harvest rice, it will be maize, just as a child’s development totally depends upon how we treat them. 

It was also discussed in the class some dos and don’ts with children. I was amazed to learn these very helpful topics. The training was full of learning, commitment and enjoyment. 

After a few days, Binita came to my place to see how I had changed my behaviors. I was eager to share my behavior towards my child after the training. Before, whenever I was going somewhere I never informed to my child, instead I always hid because I thought that if he saw me he would never allow me to go outside. In the training we learnt that we have to tell our children so they will know when we are going and when we are coming back. In the beginning it was difficult, but later on, he happily allowed me to go outside without him.

There is one most important thing I must share with you. I don’t beat my child normally; I used to beat him only when he made mistakes. I can notice very clearly whenever I encourage or praise him, he feels so proud and smiles. It makes me so happy to see his smiling face.

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