Part 1: I am touched

I am Ram Kumari Ghimire. I live in the Shreemanjyang Dordi village. I live with my son. My husband left me 20 years ago. My husband had an affair with another woman and left me alone with our child. I don’t want to think about how I have spent my life nurturing my child. Due to my very poor financial situation, I am not able to educate my son after 12th grade. Now, my son has a job in the Nepali army. 

Last month a few women came to my house while I was working. They gave me a brief introduction to the WAWCAS program implemented by Slisha. Normally, I don’t trust people who tell that they will do good things, because I have never seen it come through, and therefore I was a little reluctant to participate in the meeting.I had a lot of thoughts about it, and I had been convinced about the program named “Women At Work Children At School”, and I decided to join the next information sharing meeting.

The next day, I was prepared to participate in the meeting, and in the meantime Samjhana, our trainer, came to my place and personally invited me to participate in the meeting. My curiosity regarding the WAWCAS program had increased from the day before.  

When I arrived at the meeting, I saw a lot of women talking. After a few minutes, our trainer Samjhana started the meeting with a warm welcome. She explained about the meaning of WAWCAS, and it touched me very much. It is true that women work a lot, but our work is not recognized or valued, and our voices are not heard. While she was introducing us to the program, she gave an example of many women from Lamjung, Tanhun and Kathmandu. I have a dream that one day I will also be mentioned by our trainers.

Hello everyone,

I am Samjhana Kumari Chaudhary from the Saptari District (the Southern part of Nepal). I have been working with Slisha and the WAWCAS program since December 2017. I have learned a lot during my training in Kathmandu, and I am learning every day from the women and from my seniors. I will be writing Ram Kumari’s experiences in the period to come. I am enjoying my work so much.

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