Part 7: The most memorable Dashain of my life

We decided to go to our village Solukhmbu to celebrate the big festival Dashain. I felt so happy to be going but knew I would have to manage a lot of things such as shopping for our parents and relatives. When they heard we were coming to the village they were so excited to see us.

Everywhere was crowded and everyone looked so excited to get to their destinations, seeing this I also felt so good and wanted to reach home soon. After 15 hours of traveling we finally reached our home. Everyone was so excited to meet us and discuss with us because they knew that I had started my business and that I am an active member of the WAWCAS group. I explained what I am doing and how I am learning via training and discussions. They told me that I looked different in many ways, that I seem more confident and less shy compared to previous years and that I also look graceful.  I was so happy and proud of myself.

My elder sister-in-law asked many questions regarding the WAWCAS program. She also asked if it is possible to get the WAWCAS program to our village. I smiled first and responded that everyone has to start a business and send their children to the school but the market might be a problem, who will buy? She looked thoughtful. I also informed her that I don’t know the process or criteria for implementing the program in Solukhumbu.

My parents and relatives were so happy after receiving gifts from me, this was only possible due to my business. During the Dashin we played cards and ate lots of meat and food. My son loved to fly kites. Due to our business, we decided to leave but my parents and in-laws asked me to wait until after Tihar. We promised them to visit next year for Dashin and then we will stay until Tihar.  

We came back to Kathmandu with lots of good feelings and thoughts.

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