Part 6: Nothing is impossible

Nothing is impossible if you have guts. I have started my business making “Ghumtos” for brides.
Marriage season is off for one month but will start again from mid-November, therefore, there is not much demand.
I immediately decided to learn to tailor so that I can expand my business.

Therefore, I asked a WAWCAS team member Bimala, to join the training together with me. Bimala and I have joined a training center to learn to tailor and we paid 700 rupees for it. Every day we got three hours of training. After the training I made Ghumtos as usual. I was a bit scared about my Ghumto making business therefore I gave myself 100% to learn tailoring.
My trainer was so happy with how fast I learnt tailoring. Within the three-month training period, I learned a lot.

During the business visit, Binita is always encouraging and providing positive vibes to me which has really helped me a lot. During her last visit, she noticed that I was a bit mismanaged therefore she reminded me how to manage time and do so calmly. I always appreciate her visits and suggestions.

After the training, I bought a new sewing machine with excitement, but after when I looked in my purse there was not enough money left. I was questioning how I would be able to buy food. There is a saying “commit yourself to do good things, then God will always fulfill your wish”. I thought of this and within an hour a customer came, and everything was solved.

I am so happy that I have two businesses simultaneously. During the day I am sewing and in the evenings I make “Ghumtos” which makes me happy and not tired even though I work 12 hours per day.

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