Part 4: Learn with fun

After Social Situation Analysis I was excited about the seven days of training. On the first day of the training, I woke up early in the morning. After having finished all the work in my household, I went to the training. 

We had two trainers from Slisha. I greeted them, and slowly the members started to come to training room. Trainers were holding some materials, and I was even more excited about the training. Before starting the training, Samjhana welcomed all of us and started with the introduction of the members in a different way. We should not introduce ourselves, but we should introduce the other members. I was surprised, and so were the other members as well. Samjhana explained about the introduction process. She told us that there would be two similar pictures. In this way we would find our partner, and then we should introduce the partner. It was a very different way, and the introduction process was very funny. We learned about good habits and bad habits about our partner. Everyone liked the good habits and everyone disliked the bad habits. During the seven days of training I learned a lot of new things. 

We also played a lot of games. My favorite game was big fish and small fish. When they said small fish, we should show the big symbol, and when they said big fish, we should show the small symbol. In the beginning of the game it was very confusing, but in the end of the game we had a winner. The winner got a prize. After having ended the game, Samjhana asked us how it felt to play the game, and what we had learned about moral from this game. I told them what I had learned, and that we had played a lot of other meaningful games as well.Then she explained us what the moral of the game was, she told us that when we usually say small, we show the symbol of small, and when we usually say big, we show the symbol of big, but in this game we did the opposite – and she told us that if we try to change things, we can change them. Even the habits from our childhood can be changed. It is difficult but not impossible. There are lots of things which should not be have been done, but if we want to, then we can change it. It will take time, but it is not impossible. During the training I played a lot of games and learned new things which was very good. 

On the last day we should separate which made me feel very worried, but I was happy, because I got the loan, and now I can start my own business. On the last day of the training, other trainers from Slisha’s WAWCAS program, ward chairperson and ward member were invited.  We discussed in the group for some time how we would start our businesses, and Samjhana reminded us again, that this is a small amount of money which is like a seed – if you grow it properly, you will get more. In the end of the training program we received the money from the ward chairperson. After that we all had a snack and had fun for some time, and then everyone went home to their families.

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