Part 3: First impression of WAWCAS

My mind was blown after the first Information Sharing Meeting. I was thinking about getting involved in Slisha’s WAWCAS program and starting my own business. While I was busy with my housework, Ram Maya arrived out of nowhere and greeted me: “Namaskar Sharada, how are you?” I was shocked to see her and asked her why she was here. Then she said that we had met before at my house, and she was here to discuss and meet with me again. 

Then she asked me how I felt about the WAWCAS program. Had I talked about the program with my family, and what business was I planning to start? I told her that I liked the program so much and was really interested in being part of it. And that I had also discussed this with my family. I was planning to join the program last year too and my husband had told me not to, but this time he said the organization was good. Ram Maya started laughing after I told her this and I asked her why. She replied: “Now your husband has also understood about the program, that’s why I was laughing.” I was curious as well as shocked that the other organization never came to people’s houses to discuss the program, but this organization come to our house and discussed the program, as well as noting down information. I wanted to ask her about it, but I didn’t. I thought she would share it with me later, and then she asked me why I was not speaking? I asked her why she was noting down all our information. Was it because she thought we would run away without paying the loan? She smiled and replied: “No, we make notes so we know how your situation was before engaging in the WAWCAS program and what changes you have made after being part of it.

She asked me about my children’s education. I was speechless, as I remembered my daughter telling me to let her study and in future she would look after us. But because of our economic condition we couldn’t take her to school. I wanted her to become a nurse, but I heard that it is really expensive and I can’t afford her studies. She then informed me that the nextmeeting would be held on Poush 4 on Social Situation Analysis and asked me to attend the meeting on that day.

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