Part 4: Change after IBT

In our group we have two meetings every month. One is the Saving Collection and Loan Investment Meeting, and the other, which I feel is very important, is the IBT (Issue Based Training) or Discussion Meeting. Every month, in this IBT or Discussion Meeting, we learn about, share and discuss new topics of interest that can be implemented in our day-to-day lives. I have seen lots of changes in us. In our first IBT meeting we discussed ‘Health and Sanitation’. We had basic knowledge of sanitation and cleanliness before, but after this meeting we knew more. After this meeting I also made changes in myself, my house and my environment.

Before, I had no toilet in my house. I used to use my friend’s toilet or, at night, we had no option but going in the field. Now I have made one at my house and it is very easy for us. I also used to have no idea how and where to manage waste from our house. Since we discussed ‘Sanitation and Cleanliness’, I divide waste into two categories: degradable and non-degradable waste. I have been using degradable waste as a fertilizer for my kitchen garden, while for the non-degradable waste, I collect it in one place and later take it to the waste collection center, where they reuse and recycle it.

Since the meeting, I also focus on my daughter’s cleanliness and teach her to wash her hands before and after eating any food, as well as after using the toilet. Now it is a habit with her.

“Myself, My House and My Surroundings should be Clean and Healthy first, and then our Environment and Community will be Clean and Healthy too.” 

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