Part 4: Everything needs to be checked before conclusion

When I arrived at the training venue, I felt happy and excited about the topic we were going to discuss that day. Ram Maya explained about situation analysis: Before any program is implemented, it is vital to know what the real situation in the target areas is in terms of children’s circumstances, women’s circumstances, health, local resources and mobilization.We should know where we are now and what our desired situation is. It is also very important that all of us should be aware of why we are doing situation analysis. Ram Maya divided us into four groups and asked about our situations, issues we are facing, and do we have marriage and birth certificates or not? During the discussion, I tried to recall if I had my children’s birth certificates or not, but I can’t remember. After identifying the issues we are facing, we started the next session with how to develop indicators. Ram Maya again told us that, when developing indicators, we should keep in mind what the existing situation is with regard to heath, children, women and resources, and we also needed to think about what kinds of changes we foresaw after six months or a year. She explained thatindicators are the changes that WAWCAS group members would like to see in themselves in one year’s time. When we had finished developing indicators, we went back home. When I got home, I was in a hurry to find my children’s birth certificates, so I opened my box and saw the birth certificates for my kids. I felt proud of myself and read the certificates. All of a sudden, I noticed that the caste was wrong. It should be ‘Priyar’, but the certificate said ‘Ghimire’. What should we do? I told my husband, but he did not know what to do, so I called Ram Maya and informed her of the situation. She suggested that I go to the VDC (Village Development Committee) for the correction to be made, which could be done easily. Then I felt very calm and relaxed. I learned that everything needs to be checked before conclusion.

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