Part 5: I am confident that my newborn baby will be healthy

Among many IBT (Issue Based Training) topics, one of the most interesting was nutrition. I was so excited and focused while nutrition was being discussed because I had no idea about nutritious food. I was triggered when Keshav informed us that nutritious food was necessary for everyone, especially pregnant women, elderly people and children. He also told us that, duringpregnancy, the child gets the necessary nutrients from the mother herself, inside the womb. So it is very necessary for the pregnant woman to consume a balanced and nutritious diet in order to avoid malnutrition in both the mother and the unborn child. This is the stage where the child’s bones and muscle tissue start developing, so a balanced, nutritious diet that is seasonal and typical should be consumed. Carelessness in such matter can result in the death of the mother and the child.

Keshav also taught us that the food that we generally eat (Dal, Bhat and vegetables) is also nutritious. But we tend to eat more rice, and less pulse gravy and vegetables. The amount of pulse gravy and vegetables consumed should be increased to make our diet better balanced. Flatbreads are equally beneficial. It is better to consume different types of pulse gravy and vegetables rather than consuming the same thing every day. It is also good to use ghee or oil in the vegetables or the pulse gravy, as it also provides necessary nutrients for our body. Seasonal and locally available green leafy vegetables, beans, pulses and fruits should also be consumed. Actually, as I said before, I didn’t have any idea regarding the three different types of food and never ate them.

This topic was very useful for me because I am three months pregnant. I have started to eat supplementary food as discussed in training. Now, whenever I prepare food, I make sure that the three categories of food, energy giving foods, bodybuilding foods and protective foods, are included. So I am confident that my newborn baby will be healthy.

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