Part 11: Plan, think, work and change needed to be successful

I wanted to continue my business, therefore based on the suggestions of my eye doctor I wear my glass regularly. Making a bridal “Ghumto” with a lot of embroidery was difficult for me hence I am making simple bridal “Ghumto” whilst I continue my tailoring business. To improve my tailoring business more effectively I needed to buy an interlock machine. I was dreaming about this machine and I was sure if I had such a machine I would have more customers than before. Whilst I was thinking buying an interlock machine I received a call from Binita asking how I was, and she informed me that she would visit tomorrow. I was so happy when I got her call and shared my thoughts about the interlock machine. She said we should discuss it the next day in detail. The next day Binita came to my shop. I told her I knew I needed to buy the machine, but due to my children’s final exams I had to pay more money than before, so I didn’t have enough money to buy machine. Then she immediately asked me how much money I needed. I informed her that it will cost 15,000 rupees. I had 9.000 rupees but needed 6,000 rupees more. She suggested that I take a group loan but last month I did not made a request for the group loan but Binita again said that if I explained everything to the group they would agree. I felt relieved. In the meeting, I shared my plan. They approved my group loan which was very good. I bought the machine and also got the contract for sewing the “Jananati” dresses which has increased my income. Now I am very satisfied with the improvements in my business. I always think that having to plan and think and change needs to be done based on the situation and then you will get succeed. 

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