Part 3: What a training!

I was very excited, but nervous about the 7 day training. My mind was not stable, I was constantly thinking about the training. Will I learn anything, how will the training be? What will happen? On the first day of the training I arrived with my friends one hour earlier than the scheduled time.

Binita started the training with a warm welcome and stuck different pictures on our backs. The room was filled with laughter. How do we find our partner? We couldn’t see the picture on our backs. Binita told us that we had to ask for help from  our friends to find out what picture we had and then find our partners. After finding our partner, Binita informed us that we had to discuss what behavior we like and dislike and what we are afraid of. I never think this way, so it took a while to share with my partner.

Each and every session was meaningful, relevant and I learnt a lot. I will never forget the importance of each of us present in the training, meeting through puzzle games and most importantly I learnt  about minimizing unnecessary expenses through PCA. I have therefore decided to save more by minimizing unnecessary expenses and I will save that money for my sons’ education. It was amazing how quickly seven days passed. This training was so fruitful, my confidence grew and it was much more beneficial than I first expected. 

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