Part 4: Feeling proud to be a business woman

After three days of the 7 day training, my subcommittee friends and I went to the bigmarket centerto buymaterials to start our businesses.The market is quite far away (around 12km) from my home. When we reached the market center we were very surprised, we had never been there before.  I was very curious and nervous, I am not sure why, but my heart was beating very fast. I was also remembering that during the training we were told that before buying anything we should check the prices ofat least two to three places. Therefore, we visited many placesto get the bestprice and we bought many of the needed materials to start up our businesses. Time goes so fast, we spent 5 hours in the market center. We felt tired and hungry as well but we decided to go back without eating anything at the market. Going back home with all the materials gave us energy and encouragement, we were starting our own businesses that same day! I was thinking a lot while going back by bus, due to heavy traffic jam it took longer than expected but my newfound energy remained the same.

The next day, before I started working I prayed to God and asked for a successful business making “ghumtos” (this is a veryspecial thing made by transparent material with lots of beads and Sitarawhich brides have to wear during their marriage ceremony) Every day I can make 4 to 5 “ghumtos” and for each “ghumto” I get 200 to 300 rupees as a salary so each day my earnings are 1000 to 1500 rupees, which is very good income. Before when I worked with others as a seamstress I got only 55 rupees as wagesfor each “ghumto” made.

I was making “ghumtos”when Binitacame. She was very happy to see me making “ghumtos”. I shared with her that I was so proud to be a business woman.


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