Part 2: I am eagerly waiting

I realized that to wait for something is difficult, but I must say that patience brings many positive dimensions to my life. After “the initial information sharing meeting”, Binitavisited me many times, to have a detailed discussion on various issues about what I am doing? What would Ilike to do? During these home visits,I feel quite good talking with Binitaand I feel that we have good intimacy and understanding of each other now.

During one of the home visit,Binitainformed me that another meeting “Situational analysis and indicator development meeting” will be held the next Monday at 11 am.  I was assuming, that it may be a meeting where we should discuss the rates of the materials.

But while participating inthe meeting, it showed up being totally different. During “Situational analysismeeting” Binita informed that before implementation of any programs,it should be aware and important to know, what are the real situation in the group in terms of children’s situation, women’s situation, health’s situation, local resources and mobilization. We should know where we are now and what our desired situation is. We identified many issues, such as many women including me don’t have a marriagecertificate, no birth registration of our children, husbands are not supporting, and violence wasidentified. I was thinking to myself, how I register my marriage and my child’s birth registration.

Indicators are those changes the group members would like to see in themselves and their lives within the next 6 to 12 months’ time.  Indicators should be prepared on the SMARTbasis. I never thought of these things, they were beyondmy imagination. Every training/meeting energized my inner feeling and I am eagerly waiting fornext training.

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