Part 2: So lucky to participate

After completion of the socio-economic ranking and social situational analysis, the date for seven days of training was finalized. I was so happy to get the chance to be a member of WAWCAS and attend the training because I had never had a chance to participate in any training and this would be my first time. The day before training started, I thought a lot about what training would be like and what I would learn during training. I was asking myself a lot of questions. 

Finally, the day came for the training. I got up a bit earlier than my regular time in the morning, completed my household chores and got my daughter ready for school. I was so curious to participate in the training. When I reached the training place, our trainers were already there and a few friends were there too.

We agreed that training would start at 10 am, but not all members had arrived on time. I was nervous and looking for my team members. After half an hour’s delay, training started with a warm welcome by our trainer Keshav. The introduction to the training was so good. The room was full of laughter while we were trying to find our partner from a picture. After finding our own partner, we discussed which types of behavior we like most and which not. It was quite interesting.

The most interesting part was having to introduce my partner, not myself. I had never spoken in front of many people, so I was very scared and nervous. My heart was beating fast, but I managed to give an introduction to my partner. What I liked most in the training were meaningful games and stories which touched my heart. Another very interesting thing was PCA (Pocket Chart Analysis), which was so amazing. I was so impressed when we discussed individual vision, which I never thought when I visualized where I wanted to be after five years. It was quite interesting. I can visualize a lot regarding my business.

During the training period, I could see my confidence growing when I spoke. It was not difficult like on the first day of training. We committed ourselves to being good and successful businesswomen.

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