Part 1: Sharada’s dream

My name is Sharada Pariyar and I live in Shreemanjyang Ward No. 3 with my three kids (one son and two daughters) and husband. My husband is a carpenter, but it is not possible to find work as a carpenter every day. One year back, I participated in two meetings held by SLISHA. My neighborhood asked me to attend an information sharing meeting for the WAWCAS program, but at that time my husband did not allow me to be a member of the WAWCAS group.

I wanted to be a member and start my own business like other people, but since my husband did not allow me to participate in the meetings, I did not dare go. When I saw my neighborhood start their own small goat farming business, I felt so frustrated and asked myself why I had not convinced my husband. Then I recalled that Ram Maya tried her best and finally told me to wait one year while he saw other people’s changed lifestyle, then he would allow me to be a member of the WAWCAS program.

After nearly a year, I got to know that Ram Maya was holding an information sharing meeting in another village, so I wanted to meet her. I saw Ram Maya going to the meeting place and she saw me too. After greeting each other, she asked me how I was doing. I felt ashamed, but she told me that the new group would be formed at Kalnebesi village and I should come to the meeting. 

This time I also asked for support from social worker Mr. Dhana Bhadur to convince my husband and he did very well. Surprisingly, my husband allowed me to be a member of the WAWCAS group and I thanked Mr. Dhana Bhadur and our trainer. Due to our efforts, I really hope that this time I will be a member of the WAWCAS group and my dream will soon come true. 

Dear Reader,

Trainer Ram Maya Thapa Magar

Hi, I am Ram Maya Thapa Magar. I have been working in the WAWCAS program since May 2012. I am so glad that I am writing the blog on behalf of Sarada Pariyar, showing her ups and downs and experiences for the coming 16 months. I would like to thank Saradha for committing to give me her time.  From now on, I will be writing the story of Saradha, how she feels, what she does and many other things. I am very excited about how her life will be changed. Let’s wait and watch. I am sure her life will be changed like other people’s.

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