Part 3: My dreams come true

On the last of seven days of training, I was so excited because I was going to start my own business the next day. Then I wouldn’t have to do physically demanding work – wow!!! I was so excited. When I received the seed money to start up the business, I was happy on the one hand and on the other hand thinking about how to run my business effectively so that I could earn more money. Even though I had prepared my business plan saying how to get fodder for chicks and where to get chicks, it was still a very thoughtful and challenging moment.

I discussed things with my husband. On the second morning, we started making a pen for the chicks. It took seven days to complete the pen, which my husband helped me make. I went to get chicks and bought 100 in the first batch. With great hope and excitement, I traveled with 100 chicks. When I counted, I found 108 chicks – oh, I got eight chicks as a bonus, how nice! Before going to bed, I went to see how the chicks were doing. I told myself that now my dreams were coming true. I wanted to show my business to Keshav. A week later, Keshav came to my place to make a business visit as discussed during training and home visits.

He was so glad to see my chicks. He said to keep a clean pen and provide clean water for the chicks. He also suggested that I should protect the chicks from the cold. I promised to do that.

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