Part 1: Eagerly waiting for the next step

I am Dhan Maya Magar. Seven years ago we came to Kathmandu from Solukhumbu hopingto get regular work and earn money. But getting regular work is difficult.  We rented a room in Kapan. Everything is expensive, it is not like in the village where we don’t have tobuy everything. In our village we could grow vegetables but here we need to buy everything. My husband’s income was not enough to survive on, so he went to Saudi to earn money. 2 years ago I came to know about the WAWCAS program through Sabita who is a member of WAWCAS and has a restaurant. Sarika and Binitaalso made a home visit and discussed the program. The programseemed effective but I thought I would get money from my husband so I did not participate in thewell-being ranking or other activities. Binita and Sarika tried to convince me but I did not participate in further activities.

Sabita shared a lotof good thingsabout the program and the team, they are very positive, supportive and always uplifting. I had noticed Sabita’s business and how much she earnedfrom her business. My husband was not sending money so it was very difficult to survive.  It wasn’t possible for me to get a loan, so I went to Sabita’s restaurant to see if it would be possible to become a WAWCAS member.

The next day I received a call from Binita and we made an appointment to discuss further. That evening I was questioning what I should say to them. Binita and Sarika came to my place. Binitaasked many questions such as why did I want to be a member of WAWCAS now and they also shared some of the stories of the women in WAWCAS. While they were sharing this information, I got lost somewhere in my thoughts because I was listening carefully but also connecting to last time and I felt guilty, but I committed myself to be a member of WAWCAS and start my own business.


Hi, I am BinitaRana working as an LPLsince March 2014. During the 7 days training of group number 24, Sabita brought food for the training participants. Sabita informed me about Dhana Maya who wanted to be a member of WAWCAS again. I was quite surprised, after two years she wants to be a member again? However it was good news for us therefore, we visited and discussed it with her. After the discussion we had with her I am visualizing her changing her life. I am encouraging and motivating her to take active participation in the program and from now on I will write updates based on interviews/discussions with her. I am sure you will enjoy reading her positive changes and her ups and downs experiences.

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