Part 2: Finally, I am IN

I am so happy to participate in the various meetings – everything is new for me. I am dreaming about my business. I was encouraged to participate in another meeting. We gathered on the planned date. After reviewing the last meeting, the trainer started to ask questions about the indicators of ultra-poor, poor and medium poor. No one said anything, we were looking at each other. After a few minutes Samjhana asked us again how we define that someone is very poor, poor and medium poor, and still no one said anything. I was also confused about what to say. Samjhana gave the example that what if I got sick, but I didn’t have money to go to the hospital, and after that she asked which category I belong to? That question opened our eyes, and we started to discuss this in small groups and prepared a list of indicators for the ultra-poor, poor and medium poor.

After having finalized the indicators, Samjhana gave us a small paper with our names on. She asked us to think about which category we belong to and to write our name in the category we belong in. I could not decide which category I belong to, and therefore I asked my friends to help me. Some of them said that I belong to the ultra-poor, because I don’t have enough land, and some said that I belong to the poor, because my son has a job, and others again said that even if my son has job, I still belong to the ultra-poor, because I don’t have land, and I decided to write my name in the ultra-poor category, because for now, my son cannot support our family financially. Samjhana asked us many times whether the category we had selected was the right one, or whether we wanted to change category. After a long discussion we finalized our thoughts about where we belong. Samjhana thanked us and informed me that now I was a member of WAWCAS. Oh, I am so glad that I am finally IN.

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