Part 13: Yes I can do it

Last time during Binita’s visit I am excited and happy that she has left me with encouragement and challenge to start up the horizontal businesses. Therefore, thanks to Binita to lighting up, inspiring and encouraging me to start up additional business.I went to the market to see the options for starts up the additional business. There is saying that if you work hard result will be good and sweet it applies me exactly like that. After seeking opportunities in some markets I found that one of the big markets wants to buy bulky of market bags. I did not want to miss this opportunity, therefore, I discussed with the manager about the rates of the bag how much do they pay if I prepare a bag for them. The manager informed that they will provide the materials for the bag and each bag they will give 4 rupees as a remuneration I counted that how many bags I can prepare within two hours a day and estimated that I can earn 200-300 rupees extra per day. Therefore as a trial I asked manager to provide necessary materials for 100 bags. While on the way back home with carrying the materials for the bags I was thinking a lot how do I manage time to extra money did I manage to do or not again all of sudden I remember time management training therefore I think myself that this is very important but not urgent if I manage I can do it, yes I can do it.

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