Part 6: My additional business

When Keshav came to my place, I was happy, because whenever he visits, he provides very important messages that have helped me improve my business and social circumstances. Keshav observed my poultry farm and suggested that I put out an additional bowl of drinking water and feed, because the chicks are growing. He also gave me a manual about how to build up a profitable chicken farm.

Keshav asked me whether it is easier to stand on one leg or both legs. First, when I heard this, I laughed and immediately replied both legs, and also asked him why he put this question? Keshav said that running one business is like standing on one leg. If something happens, our business will vanish, so we also need to run an additional business for which we can use our time. Keshav asked what types of business I can add without any cost. I said that I can sell chicken meat, and I can also grow vegetables in my garden using chicken manure. Keshav discussed things in detail again and we developed an action plan together, which has helped me a lot. Therefore, from next week, I will start vegetable farming with my little plot of land. Apart from that, I will also do some handicraft production, which will help my economic condition. 

Keshav left me with many ideas. I thought his visit was very helpful this time too – as always.

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