Part 5: What learningful training!

After the SSA, I was very curious to participate in seven days of training. So today, the first day of training, I woke up early, completed my household chores and ran to the training venue. Two trainers, including Ram Maya, were there. Training started with a warm welcome by our trainer Ram Maya. Everyone looked very excited, me included. After the welcome, introductions began using proverbs. The trainers handed out half proverbs and we had to find our partner with the proverbs. The place was full of fun while we found our partners. We then had to listen to our partner’s introduction. We had known each other for many years, but never discussed what she likes, what makes her worry, what she doesn’t like. It was very interesting and I got to know all about her. While I was introducing myself, I was actually sweating and very nervous, but I managed. After the introductions, our trainer said that everyone knew people’s likes and dislikes with regard to behaviour, so we should not do anything that members are uncomfortable with or don’t like. I was so touched by this statement, as we never think of it.

The seven days of training were very fruitful. I learned a lot, such as market management, how to develop a business plan, our vision, how to conduct effective meetings, how to become successful entrepreneurs, the importance of record keeping and how to do it. The meaningful games were the most interesting part. We played a lot of games and all of them were very meaningful and fruitful. After every game, the trainer asked us what we had learned and how we felt. We never discuss like that.

For each and every topic, we were asked to form small groups and work. We discussed a lot and learned while sharing. We had a really good time in the seven days. I never thought that training would be like this.