Part 3: Flying like a bird

Rajina and her coworker, Keshav were supposed to meet with my husband. Unfortunately, it did not go according to the plan because my husband was busy working. I did not lose hope, because Rajina assured me that she would talk to my husband – and I trust her that she will do her best. I am very stressed because I keep on thinking repeatedly about my situation.

Some of my friends came to visit me at my house the other day. They seemed so excited and happy because they were allowed to stay in a group.
That made me feel sad, I know there is still hope, but I will become even sadder if I have to leave my group.
I did not sleep that night. My thoughts kept me awake.

Next day, I woke up earlier than usual. I felt heavy and distressed, as I have done every morning lately.
I watched Rajina and Keshav as they approached my house. My heart started beating even faster than usual.
When they arrived, we greeted each other and sat down together with my husband. Rajina started the conversation with some casual talk to make everyone feel relaxed.

My husband was behaving so well, he treated them well, as our guests. This gave me new hope. They shared all of the information about the WAWCAS program in details. They went in depth on how the program helps women by sharing success stories and experiences. Keshav and Rajina went through what subjects that will be discussed in the training and how they contribute to empower the woman. They explained to us, how a woman has become from nobody to somebody. They made it very clear that women can be contributors in a family too.

They explained the whole process of the loan. The loan has a small interest rate, which will empower women to start their own small-scale business’. Keshav explained how it works and how the interest rates are calculated.

I was surprised, my husband was listening very carefully. I was listening to their conversation; I constantly looked at my husband. He was so quiet, which I have never experienced before. He was listening and thinking about what they told him. My husband went silent for a while. I held my breath. I was so nervous. Until he finally speaks to Keshav and Rajina, and he tells them accurately “Okay, I will allow her to stay in a group, if she can manage family and training both”. I exhaled, and felt several kilos were removed from my shoulders from being relieved. As when you are walking to the other side of the mountain with rice and water, and you finally get to put it down.

I felt so happy. I am now allowed to stay in a group at least! If I keep my responsibilities and work hard, I might be allowed to do even more.
I decided to show my husband what I am capable off. I am going to work very hard to prove him wrong. Starting from this exact moment.

When Rajina and Keshav left, I thanked my husband – he did not respond, but I did not care in this moment. I feel free as a bird. I feel like I could fly if I tried.