Annual Report 2015

Picture: Rammaya having an afternoon cosy time with the children.

The figures in the recently approved Annual Report of 2015 show a positive trend with markedly increased support from donors in the past year.

 By Torben Bjerre-Madsen, Chairman of the Board

At the board meeting on August 25th, the board signed the auditor approved Annual Report for WAWACAS International for 2015, which is now available on the website in both Danish and English. We prepare this annual report every year for WAWCAS International, which complements the consolidated data that came up in the newsletter of the month of May.

The figures for 2015 show a positive trend, with the support of our many donors increasing from DKK 891,000 in 2014 to DKK 1,857,000 in 2015. The aid that we sent to Nepal was DKK 1.012 million, from DKK 764,000 the year before. As was previously stated, the numbers of new women was reduced due to the earthquakes in the Spring 2015.

The total cost of administration in Denmark was DKK 22,000, equivalent to approximately 1.2% of the donations.

By the end of 2015, WAWCAS International had DKK 1,360,000 in our bank accounts in Denmark and Nepal, which ensured running of the program in the coming year.

At the board meeting on August 25th, it was also decided to permanently change the financial year for WAWCAS International from the calendar year to July 1st – June 30th. The reason for this is that the authorities in Nepal require, that the financial year for companies and organizations MUST start in the beginning of July. Through the amendment, we will therefore use that same financial year in Denmark and Nepal, which we consider appropriate.

This means that in the next newsletter, we can share about the financial year 2015/16, but we can already now announce that the positive trend is maintained.

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