WAWCAS and Rethink Sustainable Society

WAWCAS will be part of the European Capital of Culture 2017 in Aarhus

By Klaus Dam, Brille Galleriet

In connection with Aarhus’ appointment as European Capital of Culture in 2017, a number of different business clusters have been established.

One of the business clusters is dealing with sustainability under the name “Rethink Sustainable Society”, RSS. Brille Galleriet has been a part of the cluster since its creation, and since then, we have wanted to connect WAWCAS (Women At Work, Children At School) to the cluster as well, since the work WAWCAS does is naturally connected to the sustainability mindset in RSS.

WAWCAS can contribute with knowledge about business opportunities in Nepal as well as linking Danish business people, designers and product developers with potential Nepalese producers. At the same time, knowledge of the WAWCAS program will spread among potential sponsors in a wide array of regional and local business people.

During 2017 RSS will be organising a “World Expo” where numerous organisations will present their know-how on sustainability. The expo will revolve around areas such as water, energy, industry, food and development aid – and here, WAWCAS would be a natural participant with the organisations knowledge of sustainable development aid. Also, knowledge-exchange between WAWCAS and the other expo participants and the public is a definite opportunity, as is possible contact to new potential sponsors of the program.