Travel letter: A visit to WAWCAS-projects in Lamjung – an impressive experience

Walter Zahnd, Fontana Foundation

In early March my wife and I had the opportunity to visit the Lamjung area for two days together with Nina Billenstein Schriver and Sangeeta Shrestha. During our stay in the area we visited the cooperative goat- and pig-farms and attended meetings with women groups.

We were very impressed by what these women had achieved with the support of the WAWCAS team. Small but still expanding businesses provide the families a small income to buy sufficient food and send their children to school. Poverty is still evident everywhere, but it was encouraging to see with how much pride and confidence the women presented their business projects to us. Training provided by WAWCAS gave the women and their families a new perspective on life and the hope that they can take their destiny into their own hands.

The families we visited lived in very modest homes but kept them clean and tidy – very different to comparable areas in Nepal where the population barely manages to survive.

We left Lamjung with the feeling that WAWCAS is supporting the local population to overcome resignation and build a better future for themselves.

Walter Zahnd and Elisabeth Gehrig Zahnd
11th march, 2015

Walther, Fontana Foundation

Walther Zahnd from Fontana Foundation with wife Elisabeth Gehrig Zahnd visiting the women from the WAWCAS Program in Lamjung Fedikuna, Nepal.