Nepal news: The Uncertain Futures of Madhu, Purni and their Families

 Madhu Gurung from Lamjung started her buffalo-raising business in 2012 after becoming a WAWCAS member and business is going quite well. She is selling 10 liters milk each day and earns 600 rupees per day but her house fully collapsed during the first earthquake on 25th April 2015. Madhu said that at the time her son was sleeping inside the house, and just seconds after she got him out of the house, it collapsed. If it had been just a second later, she would have lost her son. Madhu and her family are now living together with their buffalo without electricity and beds – everything has been destroyed.










Purni Maya Tamang: When we arrived at Lamabagar in Lamjung to meet Purni Maya Tamang, she was looking at her ruined house. I didn’t know how to start the conversation with her. I was just waiting, looking at her and her ruined house. After a few seconds I started to talk to her. I didn’t dare to ask how she was, so I asked her where they were living now. Purni Maya told that they were staying at her friend’s place in a plastic shed. She has been involved in her goat farming business since 2012. She was very happy with her business and her team of other women in the WAWCAS group. Purni Maya said that she had never hurt anybody, so “why should my house collapse”? It will be very difficult for her and her family to re-build the house. Purni Maya is not sure if they will be able to rebuild the house. At this moment, Purni Maya and her family live in a plastic shed, but the monsoon is coming soon. How will Purni Maya manage this situation? We have informed her that we from WAWCAS’ side will try our best to draw resources from the big organizations and coordinate with other agencies.










From WAWCAS’ side we really hope we will get support from the bigger humanitarian organizations for the victims. We will stay with them and support them to rebuild their confidence and strength so they can restart their life and their businesses, which they managed so well before.

This is an important way to support these families in need, which are dependent on ongoing donations.