Solar lamps for WAWCAS

WAWCAS, Global Bright Light Foundation (GBLF) and Mr. Niraj Subedi, has distributed 500 solar lamps in two of the most badly affected areas. 

The solar lamps were distributed by the WAWCAS team together with a representative from GBLF and a VDCs secretary. WAWCAS wants to to ensure a transparent and fair distribution, and was asking for an approval from District Administration Office. It was not an easy job and equally difficult was having a coordination with the VDC secretary. But finally…After a long day’s discussions and waiting we got the approval. Our effort did paid off as we were able to convince the VDC secretary to go along with us.

Bigger problems stood ahead, though only 60 kms from the district headquarters, the roads were almost inaccessible. The destination was known, but whether the lamps could be delivered or not was still not sure due to the road condition. The lamps finally did manage to reach its first destination, Illampokhari. It took us 7 hours just to travel 60 kms.

The scene was horrible. There wasn’t a single house standing. Whole market was into the ground. It felt like if a war had just taken place there. Right after reaching to the destination, work started. With help from the VDC secretary and the Social Mobilizer, we started collecting the actual data of people who were in most need of the lamps. We wanted to make is sure that each of the lamps went into hand of those who needed them the most. Total of 340 lamps were required in Illampokhari. After we had data in our hands, in presence of Nepal Army and Ward coordinators, the distribution began. The distribution process went smoothly, way better than expected.

The next day we reached Kolki, another VDC and the scene was equally horrifying. However we maintained our cool and started work immediately. Same process was adopted there as well. Here, total requirement was 160 lamps. Joy in people’s faces could clearly be seen. People, from children to the older ones, had been living in darkness since the earthquake. They could now atleast see the road while they walk in the darkness.

Whole of the distribution process was indeed a big challenge, but smoothly accomplished. We now plan for more lamps in 2 of the remaining affected VDCs In these really bad situations, WAWCAS will always extend its support, to also include not WAWCAS like it was needed in Lamjung.