NEPAL NEWS: My dream comes true

Ishowri Karki started her business in 2012. During the 7 days training she shared her vision that within a 5 year period she would hire a shutter and make a bigger shop. Today she fulfilled her vision. She was very happy while sharing her story because she has fulfilled her vision earlier than she expected.

Ishowari’s husband was killed by the Maoist during the conflict. Ishowari learnt bicycling and started a mobile grocery business after becoming a member of the WAWCAS group. She used to deliver food items (biscuits, spices, chocolates, paun (Nepali snack with a sour and sweet taste) and many others) to shop keepers.

Two years from starting her business, she managed to open a shop which is one of the biggest achievements in her life. Now she is very confident that as a single mother she is able to provide her two children with good education.

Ishowari shared that before she was not feeling well, that she used to have a headache every day whereas now she feels healthier and her headache is gone. She says, “I cannot imagine that I would be able to manage my life like this, becoming a member of WAWCAS group means a lot to me. I don’t have words to express it”

This story was written by Sangeeta Shrestha based on a discussion she had with Ishoari on 12.12.20

My dream comes true