Post 6 – Very Useful Tool Pocket Chart Analysis (PCA)

July 2022

PCA has been an important tool to me for my socio-economic transformation. This has been an eye opener not only for me but for other women who have drowned into unnecessary expenses. I have seen many women whose household have ruined just because they were not able to properly mobilize their income and expenses.

Initially, when Pabitra asked us to do the PCA, I did not realize its importance; neither did it help me to increase my income, nor did I believe I had any unnecessary expenses. However, my mindset completely changed when I saw that my expenses were more than the income. I was shocked. I had never analyzed my income and expenses before. Then I realized the importance of PCA.

Before WAWCAS, the only sources of income were the government allowances of my handicapped brother and old mother, which would only suffice their medical treatment. For all other expenses, I have to manage it myself. I never have enough income for household expenses and it make me emotional many times. I regularly reflected on the PCA after the first one done during the 7 days training. I was able to identify the unnecessary expenses and other possible sources of income. I started a goat farming business, expanded with the vegetable business, and continued with daily wages work as well.  I really hope by this month, I should not continue my daily wages work. Because I have expanded my business which eventually increased my income. I often questioned myself; Why did I not look for the other sources of income before?

Time just flies, this month we should pay our first installment. To manage for my first installment, I sold one of the goats, which was fully grown up after six months period. It helped me a lot for 1st repayment of the Seed Money.

With the PCA, I was able to identify an unnecessary expense. Whenever I called my relatives and friends, I spend more than required which increased my expense. I have decreased Nrs. 500 per month on telephone only. Similar was the case of other expenses. I have been able to manage with much less expenses than before.