Post 6 – Season of Rice Plantation

July 2022

Namaste Everyone,

The rainy season has arrived here in Nepal. It is time for every Nepalese person to start planting the rice. All my neighbors have come to help me to plant the rice in my small plot of land and in return I also went to help them to plant the rice in their plot of land. This is how the rice planting system works in our village. Therefore, I was super busy during the month of July. During the day of rice plantation in my land, luckily Sajan and Andika came to visit my home. I was super happy and overwhelmed seeing them coming to visit me.  We had a very good chat. Sajan asked me how I am doing with my business and household works. I told him that I am doing well with my business and household works. I also informed him that one of my elder son is being admitted to school recently. Hearing this great news Sajan and Andika were very happy and also asked us to admit our younger son to school as soon as possible. He also asked me to make my marriage certificate, Citizenship card and Birth certificate as soon as possible.  I told him that once I finish my work. I will find all the required documents.

And now it is time for the Rice Plantation. Along with my family members and neighbors I have started entering the field. I also asked Sajan and Andika to come and join us. Sajan told us that he will take photographs and will observe our work. And then we start planting the rice. It was really fun as all the neighbors had come to help me. We sang our traditional folk songs which are supposed to be sung during the rice planting time. Right after we had started planting the rice, the heavy rainfall came. Then we stopped our work for some time due to the heavy rainfall. We again had a very good chat with Sajan and Andika about our businesses and the problems we are currently facing with our daily lives and in our business as well. After the chat Sajan and Andika decided to head back to Office. Due to the continuous heavy rainfall, we decided to have our lunch break since everyone were hungry. After having our lunch, we decided to put on our raincoat and continue working in the field. We finished planting the rice around 6 p.m.

Oh God, it was a really busy and tiring day. But at the same time, I was happy too because I got to meet with Sajan and Andika on the day of my Rice Plantation. We had a very good chat and I got to share all my feelings and problems with them.